Experience Patient-Centered Post-Op Nursing Care

Owned and operated by a Registered Nurse, Pretty Saddity Recovey is dedicated to providing superior postoperative recovery care to plastic surgery patients in the comfort of one’s environment.  More than personal care attendants.  We offer a proactive medical approach to your aftercare experience. As your concierge nurse, we not only assist with caring for your body but also in communicating critical information to your family and coordinating care with your physician.

Our postoperative aftercare services are comprehensive. We strive to fill in all gaps associated with aftercare preparation. Preparing for surgery can be daunting. There are many aspects of aftercare that you may not consider as you prepare for surgery. As licensed nurses, we not only can manage your day-to-day but can proactively identify proper or improper healing stages and whether it is essential to contact a doctor.

We primarily service clients in South Florida’s tri-county area in the comfort of their Airbnb, hotel, or home. Our goal is to ensure a safe recovery while providing comfort following a procedure through a client-centered approach. 

Pretty Saddity Recovery offers a holistic approach to complete post-operative recovery aftercare management in offering luxurious care to our postoperative clients in the comforts of their own environment. As the initial three days following surgery are crucial, more than just caregivers, our staff is comprised of Registered Nurses and other trained licensed professionals, ensuring unparalleled professionalism and superior aftercare.

Enjoy this unprecedented peace of mind with complete nurse concierge-style services. We understand every one of our clients is unique as every surgery is. Our care is tailored accordingly ensuring a tranquil and complete healing process.

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Benefits of Having a Licensed Registered Nurse

A fundamental part of the surgical experience takes place outside of the operating room. Recovering from surgery, regardless of the type, can be physically and emotionally challenging for the patient and their family. It may not be possible for family members to take the necessary time off of work to care for a loved one after surgery. Caregivers can be a big help, but you may require an extra level of skilled care that can only be provided by a licensed nurse.

Pretty Saddity Recovery provides the support you need so that you can heal privately in your preferred environment. Our nurses can provide daily check-ups or around-the-clock care to ensure the utmost comfort during your post-surgical recovery. A private nurse can help prevent post-surgical infections by providing the one-on-one attention you need, including wound care, pain management, and patient and family education. 

Booking a registered nurse will protect your investment by assuring you have excellent post operative care.

Post-op Nursing Services

  • Patient and family education – review discharge instructions to ensure successful recovery.
  • Surgical site care, including wound care.
  • Monitoring for signs and symptoms of infection
  • Pain management
  • Medication management, including administration of oral or IV medications according to doctor’s orders.
  • Care team communication – contact patient’s doctor, surgeon, or other members of care team to revise care and provide status updates as necessary.

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