How To Preserve Fat After a BBL

After a BBL you have a chance of losing 30-40% of fat. Newly transferred fat cells don’t have their own blood supply. Initially the fat cells get their nutrition from the surrounding body fluid and then begin to develop their own blood vessels after. Our BBL Booster IV and BBL-PRP treatments promote red blood cell production & contain natural growth factors that increases your fats survival rate.

The first 3 months after a fat transfer are crucial. Unfortunately, some fat will naturally be reabsorbed causing loss of volume in your butt. To maintain your results you must feed the fat & protect your assets!

1. Eat foods rich in protein, complex carbs & essential fats (examples of good fats are avocado, fish, yogurt) This is NOT the time to diet. After surgery, you actually need to consume more calories because your body requires energy to heal.

2. Protect your bum! Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your butt. Use a Boppy pillow or BBL pillow. Visit our store to purchase our Derrière Pillow.

3. Wear the right garment: If your garment is too tight it can compromise your newly transferred fat cells. Avoid tight restrictive clothing like jeans for the first 3 months.

4. Creative sleeping: Be prepared to sleep on your stomach for 2-3 months. Sleeping on your back or sides puts unnecessary pressure on your butt & can decrease your fats survival rate. If you also had a tummy tuck you will need to sleep in a reclined position.

5. Limit cardio: Once your doctor gives you clearance on when to start working out avoid intense cardio in the beginning. This will be the first area on your body that you lose fat.

6. Avoid smoking: After a BBL your fat needs a good blood supply to survive. Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict which means lower oxygen in the blood which in turn causes fat to die.